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is a leading full service virtual reality company operating in Russia and CIS

We focus on providing high quality 360º video content & Virtual Reality experiences.
We are also assisting Escape room operators to transform their businesses into modern Virtual Entertainment Centers combining “physical” dimension of Escape rooms with “virtual” dimension.

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360º video

We create corporate videos and commercial content for you in a new, attractive VR/AR to encourage deeper engagement and increase viewership.

With this format, we remove the limitations of traditional videos and allow the viewer to choose where to look and what to see. You therefore have a more effective tool to tell your story and excite your customers.

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Virtual Reality

We create immersive Virtual Reality content with VR industry leaders such as Oculus VR, Samsung, HTC and Google.

We leverage over 4 years of experience in computer graphics and VR/AR software development to unlock the full potential of VR to your business.

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"Room scale" VR for Next Generation Escape Rooms

Transform your Escape Room into modern Virtual Entertainment Centre.

We are offering to Escape room operators unique solution to protect your investments while delivering extra excitement to the visitors. Do you need a new game? Growing your visitations? Securing loyalty of your customer base? Outsmart your Escape room competition.

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