360º video

We are creating your corporate videos and commercial content in new and attractive 360°video format. 360°video encourages deeper engagement, increasing viewership and offering higher conversion rates. With this format we are removing limitations of traditional video and allowing the viewer to choose where to look and what to see. Therefore, you are getting more effective tool to tell your story, engage and excite.

Our Expertise…

  • Meetings, trainings, conferences & special events
  • Product launches & showcases
  • Dedicated Content for Marketing, Advertising & Sales
  • Real Estate visualization
  • Vehicle Mounts
  • Concerts, sports, gaming, entertainment
  • Tourism (Nature & Architecture)

End to End 360°video Production Services: Make it Easy

  • Making 360°video in high quality HD or 4K formats
  • Producing Corporate (or Private) all-inclusive 360°video content. This includes planning, location scouting, on-site rigging, shooting, stitching, editing (and translating) services. However, we are flexible to do also just 360°video capture ready to be incorporated into your projects. We are flexible to your needs and our team is committed to make it a success.
  • Optimizing video capture to be viewed through smartphone based Virtual Reality headset like the Gear VR. Offering branded VIP kit with all the VR devices needed for customers who wants to enjoy their video in “you are actually there” VR way.
  • Delivering your video typically within 72 hours after shooting, depending on the content. Once the video is stitched and stabilized, we will run it through an extensive fine-tuning process that will make it truly professional and vibrant. Larger corporate videos might require a week. However, we are ready to do faster if specifically requested and upfront agreed.
  • Distributing your 360°video on online properties incl. web, YouTube, Social Networks for smartphones, tablets, PCs and VR headset, based on customer requirements.
  • Consulting based on our two years hands on 360°video expertise. Our consulting services are supporting you in all or any individual aspect of making quality 360°video/VR services from the idea to delivery.
  • Technology Agnostic which gives you all options and technology freedom. Our VR experiences are optimized to run on a wide range of devices. We are happy to talk about bringing our content to your platform.

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