Transform your Escape Room into modern
Virtual Entertainment Centre.

We are offering to Escape room operators unique solution to protect your investments while delivering extra excitement to the visitors. Do you need a new game? Growing your visitations? Securing loyalty of your customer base? Outsmart your Escape room competition.

Rather than costly refurbishment of your physical facilities just put our innovative and futureproof room-scale VR solution on the top of what you already have.  Use Turnkey Virtual Entertainment Centre solution by rusVR.

Latest development in room-space VR allows you to bring your existing, traditional Escape room physical space to the next level by adding fresh entertainment options. Upgrading existing Escape rooms through room-scale VR technology you will experience worlds without limits in the environment which you fully control to maximize visitor experience and accommodating ever changing taste of your users.

Simply combine your physical space (actual sets) with virtual dimension delivered by rusVR. You will boost visitor experience through powerful computer animation connected with sophisticated VR tools (Head Mounted Display, rapture gloves). You could let your visitors to engage in an even larger physical space. You will be amazed.

This will bring completely immersive and realistic VR experience on the top of your Escape room space. You will have solution which offers endless entertainment options going forward. New generation of Escape rooms are there. Virtual Entertainment Centre by rusVR.

We at rusVR have Escape room business in our DNA. We leverage our 3 years' experience in creation of 70 (traditional) Escape rooms in Russia, CIS, Germany and Israel with our room-scale VR technology leadership. We know by heart how demanding are Escape room visitors and they want to see always more and more. Trying to meet this challenge and sustain this business just by yet another costly investments into refurbishment of “physical” dimension of Escape room is simply way to fail. Stand out of the crowd with our innovative Virtual Entertainment Centre solution.

Our Expertise…

  • Turnkey upgrade of your existing Escape room into Virtual Entertainment Centre (VEC)
  • Franchising of VEC incl. implementation of room-scale VR sensors (Head Mounted Display, rapture gloves,…)
  • Designing and Turnkey VEC deployment from scratch
  • Application development
  • Maintenance and upgrade of VEC
  • Digital marketing
  • Consulting
  • End-to-end service support

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